Couples Counselling Services in Niagara Falls

Couples Counselling

At Ian Robertson Therapy Group, we understand that every relationship has its ups and downs. Our mission is to facilitate communication, understanding, and growth between partners, turning challenges into opportunities for deeper connection.

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Navigating Relationship Tensions

Every partnership, no matter how strong, encounters moments of disconnect and tension. The causes might vary from individual personal issues, external pressures, or combined challenges. It’s not about avoiding conflict but navigating through it that truly tests and solidifies a relationship. The keys to navigating relational tension is ensuring a secure attachment. Our approach to couples therapy is grounded in Emotionally-Focused Therapy. The goal of this approach is:

  • To expand and re-organize key emotional responses and, in the process, the organization of self.
  • To create a positive shift in partners’ interactional positions and patterns.
  • To foster the creation of a secure bond between partners.

Let us guide you on this path, ensuring a rekindled bond and healthier communication patterns.

Specialized Extended Sessions for In-Depth Counselling

Recognizing that some couples might need more time to unravel their emotions and concerns, Ian Robertson offers specialized, intensive 3-hour sessions. This extended time allows for a more profound exploration of the relationship conflict cycle and patterns, understanding the more profound and deeper heartfelt unmet need ensuring that every concern is addressed and leading to effective resolutions. By emphasizing mutual respect and understanding, we aim to foster a rejuvenated deeper, healthy connection to your relationship.

In-depth marriage therapy with a psychologist or counselor.

Pricing & Session Details

TLC – 3 Hour Couples Therapy

TLC, an acronym for “Together we Lower the Crisis”, encapsulates our approach: collaboratively seeking solutions to foster a more profound, healthier relationship bond.

Standard Couples Therapy

Our therapeutic sessions focus on gauging the commitment level of each partner, providing insights and strategies to navigate through relationship challenges.

Note: The initial couples session is mandated to be a 3 Hour Assessment.

Begin Your Journey of Connection

Embracing the complexities of relationships is a journey worth embarking on. With expert guidance, evidence-based methods, and a commitment to understanding, let us aid in deepening your bond.

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