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Children & Teens Counselling

In every household, conflicts and misunderstandings are natural occurrences. At Ian Robertson Therapy Group, our focus is not just on the individual challenges of children and teens but on cultivating a cohesive, empathetic environment that fosters growth, understanding, and peace. Our process focuses on understanding the child or youth’s inner world and that all behaviors displayed are adaptive survival responses. All maladaptive coping behaviors are understood as forms of communication of their unmet attachment needs rather than solely viewing the youth as ‘behavioral.’ Our approaches focus on the development of attachment, self-regulation, co-regulation with others, and skill development.
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Understanding the Need for Therapy

As children navigate the intricate pathways between home and school in Niagara Falls and neighboring cities, they’re met with a vast spectrum of emotions and challenges. At Ian’s Therapy Group, we offer therapeutic interventions that act as a beacon, ensuring their journey remains both insightful and constructive, even when faced with life’s inevitable turbulence.

Signs Your Child Might Need Assistance

Children and teens often communicate through behaviors. It’s essential to recognize and respond when they exhibit signs of distress, such as:
  • Intense anger or sudden reactivity
  • Overwhelming anxiety or fear
  • Pervasive feelings of sadness or depression
  • Symptoms associated with ADHD
  • Difficulty in managing big emotions
  • Unmanageable emotional regulation
  • Avoiding significant areas of their life
Expert therapist explaining signs that children may need therapy.
  • Profound feelings of loneliness and disconnection
  • Acts of self-harm, like cutting Residual effects of trauma
  • Issues stemming from attachment breakdowns
  • The inclination toward substance abuse
  • And other behaviors that seem out of character
  • Other forms of at-risk behaviors
  • Evidence of emerging or evidence of mental illness

Our Approach to Children &
Youth Counselling

Every child’s universe comprises multiple touchpoints – parents, siblings, teachers, and friends. We believe in tapping into this universe using our holistic “multi-systemic” approach:
  • Engaging an extended network, including parents, educators, and previous counsellors, for a panoramic view of the child’s world.
  • Empowering parents with tools and insights to become staunch advocates for their child’s well-being.
  • Stitching a fabric of support that’s consistent, compassionate, and conducive to the child’s positive growth.

Key Components of Our Child and Adolescent Therapy

Navigating the intricate world of a child’s psyche requires a delicate balance of understanding, collaboration, and action:

  • Fostering a spirit of partnership where both the child and guardians participate actively in identifying challenges and chalking out a roadmap.
  • Leveraging the inherent strengths of the child and the family to craft interventions that resonate and yield results.
  • Employing state-of-the-art therapeutic tools to trace the arc of progress and highlight areas for focus.
  • Extending our collaborative spirit to engage other professionals, ensuring the child’s growth journey remains unimpeded.
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Youth Threat Risk Assessments

Crafting a Safety Net for Our At-Risk Youth.

Recognizing the Need for Threat
Risk Assessment

Youths teetering on the edge, exhibiting behaviors from self-harm to aggressive outbursts, need more than just interventions; they need a holistic safety net. Combining professional expertise with the strength of community collaboration, we strive to weave this safety net, ensuring they are cushioned against their falls.

Our Holistic Risk Reduction Plans

In the past, single agencies or individuals have approached an at-risk youth’s interventions with a lack of information and can take specific issues out of context (issues like mental health, substance use, challenges in learning, sensory issues, and trauma). Instead of cycling through these misinformed interventions, Ian Robertson and his team use a multi-disciplinary approach.
Our agency’s clinical approach allows us to gather an in-depth assessment of high-risk youth and develop a treatment plan accordingly.
  • Rallying together family, educational institutions, and community support, we craft community-based plans that are comprehensive and contextual.
  • Drawing clear milestones, both immediate and long-term, ensuring transparency and direction.
  • Adopting a trauma-informed lens, we ensure the child’s trauma responses are not just noted but nurtured and healed.
  • Building a collaborative fortress, ensuring no stakeholder feels overwhelmed or isolated in managing high-risk youth.
  • Infusing our strategies with evidence-based practices, we ensure interventions are not only effective but also respectful of the child’s journey.

Embarking on a Family Healing Journey in Niagara Falls

Navigating the challenges of family dynamics and child-related issues might seem overwhelming, but remember: you’re not alone. At Ian’s Therapy Group, we’re committed to standing by your side, offering steadfast support, expert counselling, and evidence-based therapeutic approaches.

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