Anger Management Services in Niagara Falls

Anger Management

Every person, at some point in their life, grapples with anger. We understand that anger, in and of itself, is part of the adaptive fear response system, flight/fight. While it’s a natural emotion, unchecked or misunderstood anger can lead to strains in personal and professional relationships. At Ian Robertson Therapy Group, we provide specialized therapy to help individuals navigate, understand, and learn to manage their over-responsive ‘anger-fight’ responses effectively.

Delving Deep Deep into Anger’s Roots

Anger can stem from various sources – past traumas, unhealed attachment wounds, anxiety, depression, familial conflicts, or daily or compounding stressors. Recognizing the underlying root causes is the first step toward crafting effective coping strategies.

A man experiencing stress and pressure, reflected in his body language.

Therapeutic Solutions for Anger

The nervous system’s fight response, which presents as anger, doesn’t exist in isolation. Often, it’s entangled with other emotional and psychological challenges. We offer one-to-one counselling for a range of anger-related issues, including:

  • Depressive Disorders
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Substance Abuse Disorders
  • Eating Disorders
  • Marital and Family Relationships
  • Past Traumas, including Sexual Abuse
  • Victims of Violent Crimes

Our Comprehensive Approach to Anger Management

Our therapeutic approach is designed to equip individuals with tools and strategies to face anger head-on:

Root Cause Analysis : Delve into the underlying causes of anger

Attending to the nervous system : A bottom-up approach on how to attend to an over-responsive anger “fight response system

Emergency Control : Highlight the emotional and relational costs of unchecked anger

Understanding the Repercussions : Recognize early signs of anger and develop strategies to calm down and deal with situations more rationally.

Therapists analyze and treat client difficulties.
Demonstrating effective methods to manage and control anger.
Relaxation Techniques : Introduce calming exercises to counteract rising anger.

Trigger Identification : Recognize the thoughts and situations that spark anger.

Reality vs. Perception : Distinguish between distorted anger patterns and genuine grievances.

Adopting New Thought Patterns : Encourage healthier ways of viewing triggering situations.

Effective Communication: Develop skills to express anger in non-confrontational ways.

Real-Life Coping Plans : Design strategies to handle real-life situations where anger might flare.

Breaking Free : Strategies to overcome repetitive anger patterns and foster personal growth.

Reframe Your Relationship with Anger

Anger, when understood and effectively attended to, can be a force for positive change and personal growth. Let us guide you on this transformative journey, ensuring you have the tools and understanding to lead a more peaceful, harmonious life.

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